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    “Get World class Software fully branded on your Company Name”

Software will be available to you fully privately labeled on your brand name. We shall charge one time branding charges, and a fixed per product licensing fee. You may charge your own price from your customers.

Start your own software company @ Rs. 15,000/- Only

(One time Charges for Create Your Brand Website with Payment Getaway)

 “Deliver your customers; genuine world class software product, keeping their faith in your company. Your Customers will never be able to discover us. 


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(Frequently Asked Questions In Every Mind)

Q.1.) Can I Sell All the software's on my company name…?

Ans.     Yes…!  Shining Sun Software Company comes with a very unique and revolutionary vision that will not only help you grow your existing market but also make a new path for you shape up your dreams.

Now you can sell all the Shining Sun Products on your company name. All the products will be screening your brand name, your logo, your MRP, Your own website reference, your contact no., your email ID. Just as developed by your Company. Shining Sun Name will not be there. Your Customers / Partners will never be able to discover us.

Q.2.) What is the scope of software market…?

Ans.     Practically any software / website development company or individual, First of all, they go to market for requirement collection. Then develop software on the basis of requirement given by customer. Testing it at office as well as customer place, making changes again and again. Then take user acceptance test. Then user satisfaction, after sale phone attending. Finding same trade customer again and satisfy him.

As a result, a visionary and innovative mind becomes bounded in this process. In the end, if you calculate all the cost is consumed in his survival only.

Now See Shining Sun branding concept…..

Means, 0% Investment in development. No need to employ software development staff. Let us say for example we start from Coaching Institute software. Look around within 100 km radius, you will find more than 1000 Coaching that can afford a software. If you market them through email / SMS / Tele-calling / Personal visit. You can definitely finalize more than 50 to 100 Coaching within one month.

The same market if you want to tap using your own software. You may hardly finalize 5 to 7 softwares only.

In the same way, there are no. of trades to market the products.

Secondly, every client wants a trial before taking any product. In this concept, this is the biggest opportunity to create your faith in the market. Distribute unlimited demo softwares in the market. Let the customer use it before he buy it. This will help creating your company faith in market and getting new possibilities.

Thirdly, When your company faith grows, you can create your own network of hardware vendors / Accountants / CA’s, those would give customer references to your company. For instance, when you have a network of 200 people, giving customer reference. If everyone gives average 2 customers in one year, then 400 softwares are sold in reference network itself.

What’s more. You can further rebrand.

Q.3) How much time is required for training a product

Ans. All the products are developed by keeping in mind a layman user. That’s why; its training is not a complicated process. Any software require only 5 minutes training.

For more details and guidelines our training team is available from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM at your disposal.

Q.4) After Sale Service Issues…

Ans. All the software’s are fully tested by more than 1000 users already. Bill Formats and most of the report printouts you can design yourself any time. For any kind of technical query our team is available on team viewer.

Q.5) Why Branding…?

Ans. Big question in every mind after seeing this concept…

As per our survey, If you look at market history. When a research company in any field develops and markets a product. A no. of competitor companies comes with the same formulation and identical product. For example Chinese mobile. Today there are number of companies selling the same product in market. Product is same, but only due to self-competition; mobile market is able to grow at a very high speed. Can you imagine how many number of persons this market feed. How many people are engaged in distribution, selling, servicing etc. etc.

Same as this concept, we want to grow software market. So that every visionary person and innovative mind gets a chance to develop his own company on his brand name as well as realize his dreams.

Q.6)How To Start…?

Ans. As Little as Rs. 15,000/- Only.

In which we provide your Complete Branded Website which having:

  1. All Product Details,
  2. All Enquiries from your website deliver to your Mail and SMS.
  3. Basic SEO of your website.
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