Bar & Restaurant Software

  • Key Features:

    • Replace your multiple legacy system with ONE Restaurant Management software for Menu Management & Costing, Stock Purchases, Stock Issued, Wastage Management, Table & Reservation, Billing, Parcel, Bar & Kitchen Management, and Employee Management.
    • Facility to Administrator for User creation.
    • Providing all possible Indian Billing scenarios with printing facility.
    • Facility for Tax rate creation.
    • Saving your Business time and Money.
    • Email, SMS connectivity fro sending information and reminders.
    • Safeguard data integrity, security and accessibility.

    Supporting Files

  • Facility to Administrator for User creation & Tax Rate Creation:

Facility is specially provided to administrator for decreasing his workload and to do his work by his created users in short period with secure password.

Administrator can decide tax rate and discount rate on his product and service.

  • Saving your Business time :

The time spent by your staff phoning your customers is considerably reduced when the At Your Service – Internet Utility automatically e-mails or faxes estimate notices, pickup notices, overdue payment collection notices, and status reports. Data entry is accelerated by dozens of time-saving features including numerous defaults that are filled in automatically; dropdown lists that automatically match choices based on the first few keystrokes; quick entry of standard paragraphs of text.

  • Saving your Business Money :

All of the time savings outlined in the previous section directly results in related cost savings. Our plain paper system eliminates the need for costly pre-printed forms. Bookkeeping and accounting expenses are considerably reduced since invoices, statements, receivables, taxes, and revenue analysis reports are automatically calculated and generated.

Work Flow:

System Modules:

  1. Mater :

This is created for giving facility to administrator for maintaining their system,

  • Maintaining Menu Categories information.
  • Maintain Stock Purchases information.
  • Maintain Employee Management.
  • Maintain Tax rate.
  1. Vendor :
  • Complete management of vendors.
  • Quick lookup, filtering, and sorting in a customizable spreadsheet.
  • Ability to view and edit multiple records simultaneously.
  • Numerous analysis reports provide instant access to vendor financial data, statistics, and patterns.
  • Print vendor statements.
  1. Table & Reservation:
  • Table Configuration.
  • Table Layout Management.
  • Table Booking.
  • Table Availability.
  • Take Order.
  1. Menu Management & Costing:
  • Add Menu Categories.
  • Add Menu Items.
  • Assign Rate of Menu Category.
  • Assign Rate of Menu Items.
  • Customize Menu Category.
  • Customize Menu Items.
  • Menu Pricing.
  1. Purchasing & Inventory :
  • Bar.
  • Kitchen Appliances, Furniture, and Electronic Appliances.
  1. Stock Issue :
  • Available Stock.
  • Issued Quantity in Kitchen.
  1. Closing Stock :
  • Consumed Quantity in Kitchen in day.
  1. Wastage Management :
  • Wastage Quantity in Kitchen
  1. Reports :
  • SALE
  • Total Sales.
  • Particular Item Sales.
  • Parcel Sale.
  • Table Wise Sale.
  • Bill wise Sales Details.
  • Stock Purchases Details.
  • Bill Wise Purchase Details.
  • Details of Issued Stock.
  • Details of Consumed Stock.
  • Details of Wastage Stock.
  • Details of Available Stock.
  • Expense Details.
  • Name wise Details.
  • Designation Wise Details
  • Profit and Loss Statement.
  • Effective Communication Tool :
  • Stay connected with your customers and vendors via printouts.
  • E-mail sending facility to customers.
  • SMS text messaging to customers.
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